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What is Dress Finder?

Dress Finder is the new technological ecosystem for your daily shopping. A free personal shopper, always by your side, who recognizes your preferences about fashion.

A true purchasing consultant who accompanies you in the path of style most appropriate to your personality, that makes it easier finding the fashion brand you are looking for , the most seductive fragrances and the most trendy accessories.

How does Dress Finder work?

Dress Finder interprets your wishes and recognizes your preferences in order to report you in real time, initiatives, discounts and promotions on the brands that you like the most, in the stores near you, when you are at home, travelling or on vacation.

Do a research by entering the brand you  are looking for or the product you want to find, use the advanced filters to narrow down the possible results and find out how far you are from the store that sells your favorite brand / product!

Where do I find the Dress Finder App?

The Dress Finder app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. To download it, follow one of the two free installation methods:

  1. Open the dressfinder.it website from the smartphone where you want to install the app.
    • In the Home Page click on the "Download the App" icon corresponding to your device's operating system: App Store for Apple iOS, Google Play for Android.
    • You will be redirected to the corresponding page of the Dress Finder app from which to install the correct version of our app for free.
  2. From your smartphone or tablet, open the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).
    • Make a research by entering the term "Dress Finder".
    • Click on the icon of our app to install the correct version of our app for free.

Please note that BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and other minor mobile systems are not supported at this time. You can still browse the web pages of dressfinder.it from any device using a regular browser.

What information should I insert in the App to look for the product I want?

Your search can be made by product brand, category and especially by geographical location. Thanks to geolocation we will take you to the store nearest you!

Dress Finder shows the results based on the geographical distance between you and the points of sale.

How can I search for a shop nearby my position?

For first we suggest you to activate the GPS geolocation of your device.

Use the Dress Finder search and the suggestions that will appear to select the place to look for shopkeepers. Dress Finder will show you a list of stores sorted by geographical distance from the place where you specified the search.

To refine the search results you have available advanced filters with which:

  • find specific brands and / or products,
  • look for a kind of product (shoes, pants, belt, perfume, etc.),
  • determine the search radius (ie distance from the place of research).
How much does the Dress Finder App costs?

Nothing! Dress Finder is totally free for the consumer and contains no invasive advertising of any kind! You can use the app and the website immediately and also anonymously, without any mandatory registration.

Are there any additional cost if I purchase in store?

Absolutely not! No additional costs for using the app! Remember that Dress Finder does not sell anything and does not apply any extra costs to consumer purchases and to shop owners who have joined the initiative.

Any purchase that you decide to make in the shop is regulated exclusively by the shopkeeper who owes us nothing for the sales generated by the use of Dress Finder.

If I use the App and I don't want to purchase, do I have to pay for the service then?

No, Dress Finder is free, it helps you to find the most desired fashion items and takes you to the traditional store, then you decide whether to buy or not.

Use Dress Finder as for traditional shopping, find the store that deals with the article you want, enter and freely view the products. As always, you decide if, what and when to buy.

No constraints for anyone.

The store I found by App has the best offer for the product I look for?

Dress Finder compares the PROMOs of shopkeepers that are physically closer to you, to let you know the best purchasing opportunities with a constantly updated offer.

What are the PROMOs?

These are communications that shopkeepers enter into Dress Finder to advertise their physical store. With the PROMO you receive invitations to exclusive events, reserved discounts and limited time offers directly from the shops of your city.

PROMOs are geolocated on your smartphone and you receive them as a push notification only if you are physically close to the store.

How can I receive the PROMOs I'm interested in on my smartphone?

Just download the Dress Finder app on your Smartphone and you will always be updated on PROMOs dedicated to you! With an up-to-date notification you will receive information on your Smartphone so you do not miss any fashion news or offer  about your searches.

Does the use of the Dress Finder App makes me consume many Gigabyte?

Absolutely not! Thanks to the "Giga Free" offer, if you are a TIM customer, you can use the Dress Finder website and app without costs on mobile data traffic (check the conditions on https://digitalstore.tim.it/telecom/giga-free. html).

In addition, the Dress Finder app is optimized to significantly reduce the consumption of both, the battery of your smartphone and the Gigabytes of data traffic for a normal use.

What is the meaning of "Favourites"?

At any time, on the Dress Finder app or website, you can save the stores you like the most so you can find them all together in your favorites.

When you do a search, a Heart ♥ icon will show you your favorite stores. Log in and create a list of your favorite showcases.

How can I modify my Favorites showcases?

To add a new favorite store:

  1. From the home page, make a search for the brand you want the most;
  2. as a result of your research, Dress Finder shows you the stores that match your preferences;
  3. next to the names of the shops you will find a Heart icon, click on it to save that particular store among your favorites.

To change the list of favorite stores:

  1. log in and access your favorites page;
  2. customize the list of favorite stores by clicking the corresponding options for each store.
What does "Shopping Bag" mean?

It's your personal bag dedicated to everyday shopping, you find it on the dedicated page of Dress Finder.

Personalize your "Shopping bag" with your favorite fashion brands. When you do a search, a Star icon shows you those stores that have the brands you like the most.

Log in and create your personal Shopping Bag.

How do I find the brands and shops I selected as favorites?
  1. Log in;
  2. in your Shopping Bag you will find all your favorite brands;
  3. Favorite stores are listed on the Favorites page.
How can I update my personal data registered in Dress Finder?

If you wish to update your personal data:

  1. Log in by entering your username (remember: it is the same email address you used to register to Dress Finder the first time) and password.
  2. If you do not remember your Dress Finder personal credentials (user and / or password) use the reminder function to retrieve your login information.
  3. After logging in, go to your personal profile page to update your personal informations.
What does it do the function "Call me"?

It is the function that allows you to get in direct phone contact with the store you have selected with just one tap on your smartphone screen.

What does it do the function "Lead me"?

Lead me provides detailed road instructions about how to reach the selected store and lets you know the distance between you and the store.

I am not able to find a brand / store that I look for. What can I do?

If you do not find the brand of your desires or your favorite store is not listed, log in and let us know using the site's support form and we will insert them.

Consider that every day we work together with Italian retailers to expand the range of searchable products and thus support your desire for daily shopping.

How can I send a report about the use of Dress Finder?

Consider that we are constantly working to make Dress Finder closer and closer to your daily shopping needs, we are very grateful for any feedback that helps us to improve.

If during the use of Dress finder you notice something that does not convince you and you want to inform us of an anomaly, please log in and let us know using the site support form and we will examine your report immediately.

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